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Skillsets: Future of Work

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Are you wondering what skills will help you thrive in the evolving professional landscape, probably the most surviving skillset with the integration of AI?

I believe in the power of exchanging experience with other career mentors, counselors and coaches. I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with Omar Halabieh, Director of Technology at Amazon Payment Services and an experienced mentor in leadership and career development. Here's his perspective:

☑ Problem-Solving: As our world continues to become more complex, the capacity to strategically dissect and solve problems is increasingly vital. This includes framing the problem, identifying potential risks and issues, making informed decisions, and evaluating the effectiveness of solutions with experimentation.

☑ Interdisciplinary Innovation: The ability to amalgamate concepts from various disciplines to create innovative solutions is gaining prominence. This skill enhances creativity, encourages broad thinking, and allows for the development of differentiated solutions.

☑Empathy: Empathy remains an integral part of building productive relationships. It enables us to foster effective collaboration, engage customers more deeply, and create a more inclusive work environment.

☑Curiosity and Continuous Learning: With the pace of technological and societal change, maintaining intellectual curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning is paramount. This duo not only aids in adapting to new circumstances but also sparks innovation and personal growth.

☑Communication: Clear, concise, and impactful communication will continue to be an essential skill. As teams become more distributed and diverse, the ability to effectively convey ideas and build understanding across different mediums and cultures will be critical.

☑Agility: As change is the only constant, the ability to swiftly adapt to new situations, processes, and technologies will play a crucial role in future success. Agile individuals can deal with ambiguity, pivot when needed, learn from failure and continuously improve.

Thank you Omar Halabieh