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Welcome Video: Mentorship with Omar

Are you a mid to senior-level professional feeling uncertain about your career progression? Does the idea of advancing in your role, enhancing your leadership skills, or stepping into a new position seem daunting? Perhaps you're in the middle of a job search, facing a myriad of challenges from crafting a compelling resume and devising a strategic search plan, to preparing for pivotal interviews.

You're not alone. This overwhelming journey can make you question: "Am I on the right path? Could I be more effective? Is my career trajectory viable? Is this all my career has to offer?"

If this resonates with you, then you're in the right place. My tailored mentorship services are here to help. With over 20 years of global leadership experience, I've navigated the complexities of career growth, leadership development, job searching, and onboarding support. I've empowered hundreds of individuals (see client testimonials below) to transform their professional challenges into stepping stones to success, and you could be next.

My guarantee to you: By the end of our first session, you'll have crystal-clear clarity on the exact steps you need to take, plus the resources and confidence to drive these steps forward.

As Rawan, Global Senior Engineering Manager at Aramex, attested after our first session: "...(Omar's) guidance and support were invaluable. He simplified complex concepts and provided practical examples, making it easy to understand. His genuine interest in my growth created a positive and supportive impact...Highly recommended!"

Like Rawan, you too can experience the transformative power of personalized mentorship, gaining invaluable insights, strategies, and tools that can help elevate your career to new heights.

Ready to get started?

Still have burning questions or feeling uncertain? Checkout the FAQs below or email me at

Remember, the future of your career begins today!

Client Testimonials

Check out what my clients have to say:

"I recently had the pleasure of receiving advice from Omar on a very critical decision in my career, and his meticulous and articulate advice has been invaluable. He was able to quickly identify the key factors involved and helped me carefully weigh them, which helped me to make a well-informed decision. I highly recommend Omar to anyone who is looking for a mentor." - Atif Azhar Mir, Department Manager at ADNOC Distribution
"I reached out to Omar for guidance in my professional journey as a digital project manager. Omar has a great ability to breakdown complex scenarios into understandable guidance, making it easier for individuals like me to navigate our career paths confidently. He offered advice that was both insightful and actionable, reflecting his experience in the tech industry and as a career coach. If you're in the tech field and looking for guidance, I wholeheartedly recommend Omar." - Rola
"I thoroughly enjoyed my 1:1 with Omar. He gave me actionable and concise advice on a key growth area for me. What I specially like about Omar is that he's genuinely interested the growth of his mentees. He also followed up to see how I was getting on with the roadmap we'd discussed. I highly recommend seeking his mentorship for - Moving into leadership roles - Career growth and job search - Insights on the MENA tech ecosystem" - Kamran Ahmad, Software Engineer at Microsoft
"I had the privilege of participating in a career progression introduction session with Omar, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience. Omar provided me with invaluable insights and guidance that have helped define my next steps. His expertise and mentorship have empowered me to set clear goals and make informed decisions to advance in my career. I highly recommend Omar as a mentor for anyone seeking to achieve their career aspirations." - Michael
"Omar is a great coach, understands our problems/needs and gives tips to align it to modern reality. He provided feedback on how to focus on important points empowering one to think outside the box. He was very practical, concise and provided a great summary through email including the next steps. Highly recommended coach!!!" Mohammed Fawaz Adiraja, Digital Engagement Manager at Baker Hughes

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1. Why do I need a mentor?

A mentor plays a vital role in supporting your personal growth and propelling your career forward. Studies have shown that mentorship can have a tremendous impact, accelerating your career growth by up to 5 times and fostering long-term career satisfaction. If you want to learn more, I encourage you to read my dedicated post on this topic that highlights the value a mentor can provide and the various situations they can help you navigate, leading to a successful and fulfilling career journey.

2. What situations can you help me with?

My mentorship services are designed to empower you through a range of professional situations. Each session is customized to your unique needs and aspirations, providing practical, actionable strategies that place you on the path to achieving your career and leadership objectives. Whether you're seeking focused, single-session insights or the continuity of recurring support, together we'll develop a plan to achieve your goals. Together, we can tackle: 1) Career Planning - Find clarity and direction in your career path, create a strategic plan, and overcome the obstacles holding you back. 2) Career Growth - Unlock new opportunities and navigate your way towards achieving your career goals, both within and outside your organization. 3) Leadership Development - Hone your leadership skills, make informed decisions, and successfully navigate crucial conversations to excel in your current role.4) Job Search - Receive guidance on finding your next opportunity, whether you're currently employed or not, from updating your resume and conducting your search, to interview preparation and negotiating an offer. 5) Onboarding Support - Ensure a seamless and efficient transition into a new role by developing a ramp-up plan that outlines key milestones, objectives, and strategies for success, while fostering relationships with your new team and organization. And more...

3. What does a typical mentorship session look like?

Each session is tailored to your specific needs and goals. At the time of booking, you provide me with a brief of your situation and supporting artifacts (e.g. profile, resume) which I pre-read. During the session, we start with an open conversation about your objectives, what success looks like for you, challenges, and key areas for development. We then discuss practical, actionable steps that you can implement for you to take away. I document the session and send you a follow-up shortly thereafter.

4. How is your mentorship program different from others? 

What sets my mentorship program apart is the unique combination of personal experience, passion for development, and tailored guidance. As a Director of Technology at Amazon and a global tech executive with over 20 years under my belt, I've faced and overcome the very career challenges you might be grappling with. I've ascended the ranks, managing and mentoring hundreds of professionals across a wide range of job functions. This includes individual contributors and managers alike, each with their unique set of challenges and aspirations. Whether it's propelling you to the next level, facilitating a smooth role transition, or fostering leadership skills, my objective is to utilize my experiences to empower you on your journey. As an Amazon 'Bar Raiser,' I've had the privilege of reviewing thousands of resumes and making hundreds of hiring decisions, which has granted me deep insights into what sets a candidate apart. I leverage this knowledge in our sessions, providing you with the tools to enhance your professional profile and marketability. My diverse, global perspective, having worked across three continents and managed teams around the globe, adds another dimension to my mentorship. In an increasingly global workforce, understanding and leveraging diversity is paramount. I can help you navigate these cultural nuances, enriching your leadership skills and fast-tracking your career progression. Lastly, my commitment to continual learning enhances the value I can offer you. Having devoured over 750+ non-fiction books spanning business, leadership, and personal development, I bring a wealth of knowledge from these diverse sources to our sessions. I'm ready to share the best practices, insights, and lessons from these reads to further enrich your career growth.

5. What can I expect to achieve through your mentorship?

Through my mentorship, you can expect to gain not only a clear vision for your career path but also the knowledge and confidence to tackle professional challenges head-on. We'll focus on leveraging your unique strengths and devising actionable strategies to propel your career growth and leadership development.

6. Do I need to prepare anything for our first session?

Our first engagement is essentially a 'discovery session', serving as a platform to explore your career aspirations, objectives, and hurdles. You don't have to prepare any specific materials; however, I encourage you to reflect on your goals and what you'd like to achieve through our mentorship. If you have any documents, such as a resume or profile, that you believe could enhance our discussion and would like me to review in advance, please feel free to share them prior to our session. This can streamline our conversation and ensure we make the most of our time together.

7. How many sessions would you recommend for me?

The number of sessions I recommend will be tailored to your unique needs and objectives. We'll discuss this during our initial discovery meeting to ensure you achieve the intended objective(s).

8. Do you provide ongoing mentorship as an option?

Absolutely. After our initial discovery meeting, I will develop a personalized plan to guide and accelerate your growth in achieving your career objectives. This plan is not limited to our sessions; it extends to offline support such as emails and messages to ensure timely guidance and support in between sessions. This method is also more cost-effective than standalone sessions. Contact me for details.

9. What if I need to reschedule a session?

Life happens, and scheduling conflicts can occur. Don't worry - you can reschedule up to 24 hours before your session. Just visit the booking link and follow the instructions.

10. What if I need more than 30 mins for my session?

I do provide 60 mins session and these can be booked here.

11. Do you provide additional support outside of the scheduled sessions?

Absolutely. I provide email support between our sessions. This way, you can share preparation material with me to review in advance or get the extra guidance you need when it's crucial.

12. How will we measure progress towards my career goals?

We'll measure progress through clearly defined objectives and milestones that we'll set together during our sessions. This approach ensures you can tangibly see your growth and progression.

13. What specific industries or roles do you specialize in?

My most direct experience is with technical job families (in and around software delivery - including product, program, software engineering, security, tech pre-sales, support and others) within the tech, retail, financial, telecom and energy industries. However, the principles and strategies apply to a broader range of industries and roles.

14. Do you provide mentorship to groups or teams? 

Yes, I offer group and team mentorship sessions. These are designed to enhance team dynamics, improve leadership skills within the group, and address shared challenges. Contact me for details.

15. Do you provide resources or materials for us to work on between sessions?

Yes, depending on our discussion during sessions, I will provide relevant resources or materials for you to review and work on between our meetings.

16. How do you ensure the confidentiality of our sessions?

Confidentiality is a top priority for me. I adhere to a strict confidentiality policy where all discussions remain between me and you.

17. Where are you based, and how about if my session timings are not suitable?

I am currently based in Dubai, UAE. However, my services transcend geographical barriers as all sessions are conducted virtually. I understand that coordinating across time zones can be challenging, and I strive to provide flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs. If none of the pre-defined dates or times are suitable, please don't hesitate to contact me. We can discuss alternatives to ensure that our sessions align with your schedule. 

18. What is the price of each session?

A 30-minute session is priced at $250, and a 60-minute session is $400. Electronic Payments are conveniently processed via Stripe. If you don't have access to an accepted payment method, contact me for alternate payment arrangements. 

19. Are discounts available for booking multiple sessions at once?

Yes, I offer packages that provide a cost-effective option for those seeking multiple sessions. We can discuss this during our initial meeting or contact me for details.

20. How long should I book for my initial session?

I recommend starting with a 30-minute discovery session. During this time, we'll explore your career aspirations and challenges and determine the frequency and duration of future sessions.

21. In what languages can the mentorship sessions be conducted?

The mentorship sessions can be conducted in English or Arabic, based on your preference and comfort level. I am fluent in both languages, allowing us to communicate effectively and tailor the sessions to your specific needs. Additionally, while my oral fluency in French is limited, I have a strong understanding of the language and can incorporate it to some extent.

22. I am not able to afford these sessions, how else can you help?

I understand that not everyone can make this career investment right now. Don't worry, I share daily content here and on LinkedIn, as well as produce resources and videos which are free to access. These materials can still provide valuable guidance for your career journey.

23. Can you provide me an invoice for your services so I can expense this within my corporate Learning and Development budget?

Absolutely, I can provide you with an invoice and you will also get a payment receipt to go alongside it. Contact me for further details on this, if needed.

More Client Testimonials

"It was related to a Leadership role and self-doubt. Omar listened to my side of the story very calmly and explained each point very gracefully. He has suggested a few things that I will start implementing soon within my team. Thanks, Omar for the quick connect and resolution. Will surely recommend!" - Hina Arora, Engineering Manager at Jio
"Omar is well versed in the evolving technology landscape, and region-specific approaches to matching your potential with opportunities. He's extremely approachable, sets grounded expectations, and provides very crisp and actionable next steps as part of his coaching." - Imran Yousuf, Director of Engineering at Capital One
"I had a lovely time speaking to Omar. He is a powerhouse of knowledge and his communication skills helps breakdown the complex of information into bite size actions. He takes genuine care in helping you in every way possible and giving back. So, I can totally recommend Omar for his coaching/ mentoring services." - Swati Bagri, Head of Finance Transformation at The Kraft Heinz Company
"Perfect insightful experience. Omar provided very efficient and to the point session, clearly pointing out my issues and concerns. It’s the first session but definitely not the last." - Mohamed Raouf, Mediation & Revenue Assurance Senior Supervisor at Vodafone Egypt
"Omar intently listens to challenges and offers structural methods to solve problems. He's very easy to talk to, and has great experience in terms of navigating the job market and how to best position your profile & experience." - Dana Adhami, Head of Brand Partnerships at The Walt Disney Company
"It was really helpful, he mentioned some valid data points that I wasn’t paying attention to, gave some good recommendations and advices on how to proceed on with my career path. Would definitely recommend reaching out to him for job and career support. Thank You Omar :)." - Raghad Hamdan, Certified Digital Marketing Expert and Content Producer
"I had an excellent mentorship sessions with Omar! His guidance and support were invaluable. He simplified complex concepts and provided practical examples, making it easy to understand. His genuine interest in my growth created a positive and supportive impact. I am grateful for the knowledge skills I have gained through our sessions. Highly recommended!" - Rawan AbuRabia, Global Senior Engineering Manager at Aramex
"I had a 30 mins resume review session with Omar, during which he looked over my resume and was able to identify my strengths and provided me with his valuable feedback that made me much more confident about my application after working with him. Omar also explained to me the importance of having a concise yet a captivating summary in my resume that I now understand to be of critical importance." Rasika Goveas, Project Manager
"Omar is incredibly kind and generous with his knowledge. From my first personalized session, I have gained helpful and practical advice. I look forward to working more closely with Omar on my career growth journey. Thank you!" - Director, Banking Industry
"Omar is an inspiring leader. He is a very experienced leader with an outstanding understanding of the UAE market and its culture. Omar provides me with valuable advice and information. Highly recommend Omar's services" - Elyes El Air, Director, Business Relationships Management and Enterprise Architecture at WSP in Canada
"Thank you for your guidance. Learning from someone with your experience has been invaluable to me. Your insights have significantly influenced my career path. I'm eager to apply what I've learned and am confident about the future." - Dany Khreet, Software Engineer, Advantech Europe