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7 Career Growth Myths:

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1) I only grow when I get promoted

2) I don't have time to develop my career

3) I can only develop within the boundaries of the organization

4) My manager/HR are responsible for my career development

5) I need to have the next X years of my career planned out

6) I am successful only if I advance faster than others

7) I need to plan and drive my career by myself

The reality is:

1) Career growth is more than just promotions. It includes skill development, taking on new responsibilities, and continuous learning.

2) Career growth isn't separate from your daily tasks. By reframing and embedding growth opportunities into your everyday activities, you're fostering growth for both yourself and the organization.

3) Career growth can occur outside your organization. Consider online education/resources, teach others what you know, attend industry events, and build external relationships.

4) While your manager and HR will provide key inputs, offer guidance and provide resources, it's ultimately your responsibility to define and drive your career path.

5) It's great if you have several years mapped out, but remember that clarity often emerges as you progress. It's perfectly fine to concentrate on your immediate next steps. As you move forward and learn, your plans can, and often should, adjust to reflect your evolving aspirations and insights.

6) Success is measured through your growth relative to your past self. Focus on your unique path and goals. Be inspired by and learn from others' successes - don't be obsessed by them.

7) Leverage mentors, your manager(s), peers and others in your network to provide inputs, guidance and support through your career journey.


Effective 1:1

Effective 1:1

8 Step-Framework

8 Step-Framework