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5 Things to Focus on Effective Management

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Before I knew 5 things about management,

I would stress about these 5:

•Holding my team accountable •Feeling like I had to know everything •Managing my time - between my team, stakeholders, leaders and myself •Delegation, feeling like I was losing control •Giving my team critical feedback

Then I focused on these 5 and I started winning:

1. Delegation = Growth (for you and your team member)

↳Accept that team members will not do things exactly like you would. Provide the necessary context and resources, set the right expectation and have checkpoints along the way for support.

2. Learning is a Continuous Journey

↳Lean on your curiosity, ask questions and admit when you don't know something. Accept the fact that you can't know everything. Your value lies in your ability to learn.

3. Goals are Empowering

↳Set goals with each team member (for growth and delivery), review them regularly. This will enable autonomy, drive ownership, support accountability and promote growth. Leverage frameworks such as SMART or OKRs for crafting effective goals.

4. Crucial Conversations drive High Performance

↳Provide feedback on a timely basis and be precise about what was done vs. what was expected, and the resulting impact. Agree and follow-up on next steps. Be firm on the result and caring in your approach.

5. Time Management

Own your calendar. Block time in advance for your priorities (key initiatives, 1:1s, self-care and personal time etc.). Leverage productivity methods such as Eat the Frog (get the hardest task done first thing) and Deep Work.

From an overwhelmed rookie manager → to a confident, effective manager.


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