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Change Management

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66% of change initiatives fail, here are my 7 secrets to beat these odds:

1. Respect the Past: Remain respectful of the past that got you here, while you lay the groundwork for change.

2. Instill the Need for Change: Before change can happen, others must understand why it's necessary. What will happen if we don't change?

3. Clarify the Vision: Write your vision down. This helps crystalize your own thinking, allows for communication at scale and helps the team embrace it.

4. (Over) Communicate Progress: Remain balanced and share progress across all levels of the organization and in various forums/formats on what's working and what's not.

5. Deliver Quick Wins: Create quick wins that help build forward momentum and excitement about the change.

6. Seek Inputs: Open multiple channels to receive feedback from across the organization and use it to refine the plan.

7. Inclusion: Help each individual understand what's in it for them - what they need to change and what they will gain.

What am I missing?

P.S: Remember the change is always more evident to you than it is to others.