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The Best Career Advice I've Ever Received (Part I)

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During the first week of my first corporate role, I distinctly remember an orientation session that made a lasting impression on me.

A colleague, two years my senior, shared his career insights with our group.

One piece of advice from that day has stayed with me and profoundly influenced my growth:

Give others feedback.

Sounds simple, yet easily forgotten.

How does it look in practice?

Attended a presentation? Give feedback to the presenter at the end of it, what they nailed and what they can improve.

Attended a training? Let the trainer know what clicked for you and suggest areas they can tweak to make the content more relevant.

Don't let your seniority stand in the way, we can all provide perspective even to colleagues with more years under their belt.

Giving feedback is a great way to demonstrate strong ownership and paves the way for better outcomes for the individual and the wider organization. More than that, it forges deeper connections with teammates.

So, remember after your next meeting or interaction spare a few minutes to share your insights. Offer the invaluable gift of feedback.


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Favikon's Recognition