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Making Your Work Strategically Visible

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"Showcasing my work feels like bragging.

"(and how to fix this Today - with sample scripts)

1. Get Your Work in Progress Reviewed

Why: This approach leads to visibility as an outcome of getting feedback, improving the quality of your work and scaling its impact. It demonstrates your willingness to learn and grow through inputs from others.

How: "Hey Heather, I am working on this new product proposal for our subscription service. Given your expertise in product P&L, I wanted to seek your feedback on what I have drafted - to help me refine and strengthen the business case."

2. Recognize Other's Contributions in Your Projects

Why: This approach showcases that you value teamwork and collaboration, and helps others better relate with the impact their work is creating - while also bringing visibility of the accomplishments to a broader group of stakeholders.

How: "Thank you Leila and Jim for delivering the integration of our new on-call system with the telecom provider. Your efforts have enabled us to launch this new solution that has since reduced our call handling time by 50% and lifted our customer satisfaction score from 3.5 to 4.5."

3. Have 1:1 with Colleagues to Learn about Their Work

Why: Through these conversations, you will likely identify areas where the work you delivered could be helpful to them, or ways to expand your work beyond the immediate scope to magnify its impact.

How: "I understand from you that one of your main goals for this year is to reduce the cost to serve. I have actually been working on automating contact handling for the operations team, which has led to 50% reduction in manual efforts year-to-date. We can actually extend this approach to your sales team as well."

How do you make your work strategically visible?

PS: Intent matters - approach these situations with a clear intent to learn, grow and support others.