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6 Proven Strategies to Lead Through Uncertainty:

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(#4 is often forgotten)

1/ Communicate Transparently

➜Keep your team informed about challenges and steps being taken ➜Share details (to the extent you can) to build trust and strengthen your credibility ➜Schedule regular meetings for updates and open discussions

2/ Cultivate Optimism

➜Create a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes positivity ➜Inspire confidence in your team to guide the organization effectively ➜Celebrate wins to boost morale and motivation

3/ Keep Team Focused

➜Remind your team to focus on what they can control ➜Maintain a commitment to serve customers, especially during uncertain times ➜Hold regular meetings to make sure everyone is working on the right things

4/ Double Down on Empathy

➜Show genuine concern for your team's well-being and feelings ➜Foster a more compassionate and supportive work environment ➜Check in with people often and help those who are stressed or worried

5/ Be Available and Visible

➜Make yourself accessible and maintain a visible presence ➜Establish trust and reinforce your commitment to the team's well-being ➜Host 1:1s, skip levels, office hours and/or virtual coffee chats to encourage open dialogue

6/ Listen Actively

➜Implement various listening mechanisms, such as surveys and feedback sessions ➜Identify potential issues early on and encourage people to speak up ➜Establish a safe space for team members to voice what's on their mind

PS: Prioritize self-care to be in a position to help others.


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