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Making the Leap from Senior Dev to Manager

10 tips from a Head of Technology at Amazon

This week I sat down with Amazon Payment Services Director, Omar Halabieh

He shared his advice for developers making the move into management and leadership 📢

Progressing from an individual contributor (IC) role to management can be challenging.

These were his ideas for success:

1️⃣ Make it a part of your career development plan

2️⃣ Test the waters with hands-on experience

3️⃣ Reflect on your motivations

4️⃣ Recognise the differences between IC and Manager roles

5️⃣ Invest in your leadership growth

6️⃣ Engage stakeholders and leadership team

7️⃣ Cultivate a support network

8️⃣ Master delegation

9️⃣ Develop your strategic thinking skills

🔟 Build a culture of trust