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Impact of Workplace Flexibility

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Deloitte recently dropped a 39-page report titled 'Women @ Work 2023'.

I'd like to highlight a critical theme from the report: workplace flexibility and its impact on women.

Here's the TL;DR:

1. The 'when' of work is deemed more important than the 'where' work takes place.

2. The lack of workplace flexibility is the primary reason cited by women planning to leave their current employer.

3. 97% of respondents believe that having or requesting more flexible working hours could negatively impact their promotion opportunities.

4. Among women with hybrid work arrangements, 37% report feeling excluded from meetings, decisions, or informal interactions. Furthermore, 30% of hybrid workers feel they lack sufficient access to senior leaders. Although these figures represent a YoY improvement, they remain substantial.

For me, the key takeaways are: a renewed commitment to more explicit intentionality around workplace flexibility, active efforts to combat biases impacting decision-making and support for this flexibility, and inclusion, regardless of one's work location.


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