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Are you happy right now?

When was the last time you paused amidst your bustling routine to genuinely ask yourself this question?

In the relentless pursuit of success, accomplishments, and ticking off to-do lists, we rarely give ourselves a moment to introspect about our happiness.

This is more than just a profound question; it's a self-check we often miss in our busy lives.

Let me share a personal experience with you. A few years ago, amidst climbing the corporate ladder, meeting deadlines, and juggling personal commitments, I forgot to check in with myself.

The external world saw a successful individual, but internally, I felt like a machine running on low battery. This constant neglect led me to the brink of burnout, a place no one should ever be.

The modern world, with all its conveniences and advancements, often forgets to prioritize well-being and happiness.

While success and growth are paramount, what are they worth if we're not genuinely happy? If our mental and emotional state is always on edge? Burnouts, stress, anxiety—they are the silent prices we pay for not tuning in with our own feelings.

In my quest to understand happiness better, I reached out to my friend Jessica Weiss, a happiness expert and speaker who teaches businesses how to find more happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work. She is a trusted source for those who are searching for tangible, research-based strategies.

Here are three key insights she shared with me about this topic:

1. FRIENDS ARE MAGIC.  We need friends at work. This is a basic building block of happiness at work and in life.

2. STOP JUST CHASING THE BIG THINGS. Happiness from that raise, that promotion or that new title will never bring lasting happiness.  Happiness from the big stuff - never lasts. Savor the journey and focus on strategies that actually build long term happiness.

3. 2 HOURS OF FREE TIME: How much time do we need to feel more joy in our days? We need about 2 hours of free time. Use time as a way to build happiness.
↳Protect your time for those things that feel worthwhile to you.
↳Really enjoy, savor and make the most of the activities that you love.
↳Make time for the work that matters and find time to do that everyday.

To dive deeper into her transformative insights on happiness, I recommend giving Jessica a follow and watch her enlightening TEDx talk on 'Happiness: It's an Inside Job’. 📺 Watch here:

Remember, happiness is not just a destination; it's an ongoing journey, and sometimes, all we need is a nudge to get back on the right path.