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Career Management Mistakes

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My 7 biggest mistakes in managing my career early on were:

1. Expecting my manager, HR and/or the company to develop my career 2. Thinking that working hard alone will help me grow 3. Thinking I had to finish everything 4. Focusing only on my direct scope 5. Comparing myself to others 6. Keeping my work to myself 7. Not building a network

Anyone reading this who has the same struggles, here’s my advice:

1. You own your career; take the initiative. Your manager, HR, and the broader organization are there to support you. 2. Working hard alone is not enough to grow. Seek to understand which skills and competencies are required for the next level and work towards these. 3. There will always be more work than we can do. Pace yourself and focus on the few things that have the biggest impact. 4. Lean on curiosity. Ask questions and seek to expand your understanding and influence beyond your function. 5. Be inspired by others, but obsess over how you can improve compared to yourself from yesterday. Everyone's journey is different. 6. Make your work visible, with a clear intention of improving it through feedback and having a broader impact. 7. Build a network of mentors from whom you can seek guidance and support, as well as sponsors to advocate on your behalf.

What else do you struggle with in your career journey?

I will advise as best as I can from my experience.


Effective 1:1

Effective 1:1

7 Career Growth Myths:

7 Career Growth Myths: