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Break the Stigma

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On this platform, I am always talking about the importance of personal and career development, as a means to better our lives and those of the people around us.

In this constant cycle of growth and achievement, however, there's a crucial aspect we must not overlook: our mental health.

While our careers can be fulfilling and empowering, they can unfortunately also be the source of mental health issues. It's an uncomfortable truth, but one that we need to face and discuss openly.

Mental health issues do not discriminate. Whether you're employed or unemployed, at the beginning of your career journey or a seasoned professional you can be affected. The impact can be transient and shallow, but it can also run deep and be persistent.

I'm not a mental health professional. I'm not equipped with the expertise to understand the complexities of mental health or provide treatment. But I do understand the importance of acknowledging this topic, talking about it, and working to remove the stigma that surrounds it.

The hard part? It's often difficult to identify when someone is battling with mental health issues. On the outside, they may seem perfectly fine, but on the inside, they could be struggling, worse feeling isolated and alone.

So, as part of Mental Health Awareness Month, I encourage us all to:

1- Bring mental health into the conversations we're having. Use your platforms - social media, staff meetings, or family gatherings - to discuss this important issue.

2- Share resources and information. Please comment below with any resources that can help educate ourselves about mental health and offer support to those in need.

3- Regularly check in with the people around you. A simple 'How are you?' can mean a lot.

Lastly, but more importantly…

If you are personally struggling with any mental health challenges…

If you just need someone to talk to…

Know that I am just a DM away...

I am here, and I will help you however I can.