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Early Mental Illness Signs

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7 Early Mental Illness Signs you Should Never Ignore - courtesy of Dr. Neetu Johnson M.D.🧠🩺:

1/ Difficulty Concentrating

↳Trouble focusing, poor performance, distracted, disinterested.

2/ Physical Symptoms

↳Stomach ache, headaches, chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite.

3/ Behavioral change

↳Fighting, threats to others, acting out, poor sleep.

4/ Intense emotions

↳Constant, overwhelming worry, anxiety with no clear source.

5/ Substance abuse

↳Excessive use/misuse of substances, signs of addiction.

6/ Mood changes

↳Labile (changeable) moods, sadness, irritability, isolation, anhedonia (lack of enjoyment).

7/ Self harm

↳Self-injurious behavior, thoughts / talk of suicide.

What can you do to help:

- Reach out and respond. - Seek professional help (in a timely manner). - Work with your loved ones to provide support.

PS: Help starts with being observant of self and others, and communicating effectively. We are never alone.




10-Min Shutdown Routine

10-Min Shutdown Routine