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Become the Best Leader You Can!

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Amidst our crucible moments, we discover not just our purpose but our potential to serve and lead with unwavering conviction and compassion.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marianna and record an episode of the Might In Motion podcast. We covered a range of topics from career, leadership, personal branding, mentoring and much more:

2:00 - My Career Journey: From Senior Analyst to Director of Technology 5:15 - Crucibles of Leadership: My Leadership Transformation 9:30 - Authoring Leadership in 60 Seconds E-Book 14:20 - Personal Branding and LinkedIn Presence: Why 19:40 - Advice for Career Seekers 21:40 - What I'd Tell my Younger Self

Full episode link:

Thank you Marianna for this opportunity - and wishing you and your podcast continued success!


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Favikon's Recognition

Favikon's Recognition