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Top Tips to Get Support from Your Network

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Why you're not getting support from your network contacts + how to fix it RIGHT AWAY

85% of professionals find networking to be crucial to their career growth, yet many still struggle to get the support they need from their network contacts. Frustrating, isn't it? You spend time and energy, only to be met with silence or even rejection when you reach out for help.

Here are my top tips when seeking support from your network, so you can start getting the responses and assistance you need, right away:

1. Make the ask low risk: Avoid asking for favors that would require the person to put their credibility on the line, especially since they don't know you well. Instead, ask for something that doesn't involve a significant commitment from them.

✅ "I noticed you have experience in the field I'm interested in. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the industry trends?"
❌"Can you vouch for me and recommend me to your company without knowing my work?"

2. Make the ask reasonable: Don't request more than what the person might be willing or able to provide. Stick to what's within their capacity or expertise.

✅"Would you mind introducing me to your colleague at XYZ company?"
❌"Can you get me a job at XYZ company?"

3. Make the ask precise: Be specific with your request to avoid confusion and make it easier for the person to help.

✅"Could you review my resume and provide feedback on the 'Experience' section?"
❌"Can you help me with my job search?"

4. Do your homework: Before reaching out, make sure you have checked available resources, such as job boards, and that you understand the person's background and expertise.

✅"I've looked through the company's job board and found a position that aligns with my skills. Given your experience at the company, could you share some tips on the application process?"
❌"I want to work at your company. Can you help me find a job?"

5. Be direct with your intent: Clearly state the reason for your request and what you hope to achieve.

✅"I'm reaching out because I'd like to learn more about career opportunities in the AI field."
❌"I was hoping to chat with you about your work."

6. Be mindful of their time: Keep your message concise, and be aware of the time it may take for them to read and act on your request.

✅"I understand you're busy, so I've attached a brief summary of my background and what I'm looking for."
❌"Can we schedule a two-hour call to discuss my career plans?"

7. Be grateful: Show appreciation for their time and any assistance they can provide.

✅"Thank you for considering my request. I truly appreciate your time and any insights you can share."
❌"I hope you can help me out."


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