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From Omar's Desk: How to Listen with Intention

1 min
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Give me 2 mins and I'll teach you how to listen (to understand vs. to respond):

1/ Engage to understand.

↳Eye contact shows you're right there with them.
↳Small nods and "uh-huh" demonstrate engagement.
↳When your mind drifts, bring it back to listening.

2/ Connect heart-to-heart.

↳Watch their body language and tone to get their feelings.
↳Sharing your feelings makes a safe space.
↳Avoid judging or jumping into giving advice.

3/ Remove distractions: they are all that matters.

↳Distance yourself from phones and devices and put them on silence.
↳Choose a quiet spot.
↳Stay in the now, gently ignore wandering thoughts.

4/ Embrace Quiet: Silence holds the key to understanding.

↳Resist the urge to interrupt silence.
↳Reflect during quiet times.
↳Patience lets them share at their pace.

5/ Lean on Curiosity: Be eager to learn their story.

↳Every chat is a chance to discover new things.
↳Ask to uncover their true thoughts and feelings.
↳Prompt more details with "What happened next?"

6/ Reflect Their Reality: Show you get them inside and out.

↳Summarize their points in your own words.
↳Recognize their feelings with empathy.
↳Ask to clarify vs. assuming.

These tips are based on Patrick King's 'How to Listen with Intention' and brought to you by Omar's Desk.

PS: When you listen, it's about showing you care and hear them, not that you agree with everything they are saying.