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The Best Mentorship Advice (Part II)

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The Best Mentorship Advice I have ever Received (Part II)

In my 20-year journey as a tech executive, one of the most impactful mentorship advice I received was to make myself redundant in my role.

A contrarian piece of advice, indeed. Why would one aspire to become dispensable? The answer is rooted in personal growth and organizational health.

Being indispensable might seem like a badge of honor, but it often comes with hidden costs. You might miss out on new opportunities because you're too deeply entrenched in your current role. You might find yourself overwhelmed, unable to take time off, with work-life balance becoming a far-off dream.

While you feel essential, it can be taxing, both for you and your organization.

However, by seeking redundancy, you unburden yourself and create room for others to grow. It invites innovation as you teach others and systematize your role, and it enables the next generation of leaders to step up.

When I first embarked on this path, it was daunting. Yet, it opened an array of opportunities, empowering me to take on impactful strategic roles that accelerated my career trajectory, while simultaneously fostering an environment of growth in the team.

If the comfort of being indispensable has become your norm, perhaps it's time for a paradigm shift. Invest not only in cultivating talent but also in refining processes and systems, and carve out a path to greater opportunities.

This nugget of wisdom dramatically transformed my professional journey, and it could well be the catalyst for yours. Remember, real growth is about embracing the unfamiliar and letting go of the familiar comfort.


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Effective 1:1

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