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Productivity Tip

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My #1 productivity tip

(For the record - it does not involve any 🍅)

Switch from an open calendar to a closed calendar.


By default your calendar is empty (open) for anyone to book. The tip is to block your calendar ahead of time and open specific slots where you want others to be able to book time with you.


↳ Forces you to be intentional about where you spend your time: By actively choosing when to be available, you take control of your daily agenda rather than letting others shape it.

↳ Focus on priorities that matter to you and the organization: This approach ensures that your most important tasks get the attention they deserve, and limits adhoc meetings or requests.

↳ Enables you to align your energy levels with the type of work you are doing: Schedule high-focus tasks during your peak energy times and less demanding tasks when you typically experience a dip in energy.

↳ Reduces the stress of constant interruptions and the inefficiencies of multitasking

↳ Improves meeting quality: When time slots are limited, meetings tend to be more focused and productive, as participants are more aware of the need to use the time efficiently.


1. Yes, there will be times where you need to make exceptions but have a high bar about this (can it really not happen at any other time?)

2. Communicate the same with your manager for transparency, as your way of working.

3. Review, Reflect and Adapt Regularly: Periodically review your calendar setup. What’s working well? What isn’t? Adjust your blocked times as needed to reflect changes in your work habits or life circumstances.

4. In-line with point 1 above, keep some flexibility in the blocked slots to accommodate emerging demand for your time.

PS: You might be reading this and thinking, "This can't possibly work for me; my circumstances are too different." I challenge you to test it out. Start with just one or two blocked hours in your week.