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Old View vs New View of Career Development

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My old view of career development:

1. Thinking that when others did well, it was bad for me 2. Believing I had to advance faster than everyone else 3. Feeling like I needed to keep my work and ideas to myself to get ahead

My new view of career development:

1. Celebrating others, being inspired by them, and trying to learn from them 2. Knowing that my path and pace are my own and my success doesn't depend on what others do 3. Sharing what I know and what I make to help others and improve in the process

My previous view on career development was limiting.

In the past, I was obsessed with how well other people were doing, thinking it would hurt my own progress. I felt like I had to be better than everyone else, and kept my work and ideas to myself.

Now, I find inspiration in others' successes and try to learn from them. I know how I grow is up to me and has nothing to do with what others are doing. I actively share my work and what I know to help others get better, which helps me improve too.

Small shift in perspective, big impact on career.

PS: Success is not a zero-sum game. When we support and inspire each other, we create a rising tide that lifts all boats.