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My 7 biggest Mistakes in Managing Up

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1. Assuming my manager's working style matched mine
2. Overlooking my manager's goals and priorities
3. Hesitating to raise challenges or opportunities
4. Presenting problems without solutions
5. Believing my manager knew everything
6. Concentrating solely on my agenda
7. Being too tactical in conversations

Anyone reading this who has the same struggles, here’s my advice:

1. Adapt to your manager's working style and communication preferences for smoother collaboration.
2. Grasp your manager's goals and priorities to better support and anticipate needs.
3. Raise challenges or opportunities for guidance or decision-making, showcasing your eagerness to learn and grow.
4. Offer solutions when facing challenges, not just problems.
5. Remember your manager is human. Collaborate to make informed decisions.
6. Embrace curiosity. Explore opportunities to expand your impact beyond immediate scope.
7. Transition from tactical focus to discussing strategy, priorities, and opportunities for enhanced collaboration.

What other challenges do you face when managing up?


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Effective 1:1