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From Omar's Desk: Ultralearning

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1. Metalearning: Start with research. Understand your subject and set clear learning goals. Planning is key.

2. Selective Learning: Don't learn it all. Prioritize key concepts and skills. Efficient learning is strategic.

3. Focus: Concentrate in a distraction-free environment. Improved focus equals better learning.

4. Directness: Practice the real thing. If it's coding, start coding. If it's language, start speaking.

5. Drill: Break complex skills into parts. Tackle each part individually for overall improvement.

6. Retrieval: Testing beats reviewing. Use quizzes and summaries to reinforce knowledge.

7. Experimentation: Try various learning techniques. Be flexible as not all methods suit every subject or person. Adaptability is essential.

These tips are drawn from the book "Ultralearning" by Scott H Young, shared by Omar's Desk. Apply these principles to unleash the power of aggressive, self-directed learning and fuel your personal and career growth.

P.S: In 2015, Nigel Richards, won the French Scrabble World Championship, without speaking the language - by ultralearning the dictionary in less than 9 weeks.