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From Omar's Desk: The Rise of the Robots

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From Omar's desk - a recommended read for this week is: The Rise of the Robots - Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment by Martin Ford.

Why? With the recent buzz about Generative AI (specifically ChatGPT), this book provokes thinking about the impact of such technological advancement on society (e.g. education, healtcare, jobs) and the economy at large. While we can argue about the timing and scale of such impact, it's important to acknowledge this challenge and think about steps we can take to be prepared as individuals and collective. As Martin concludes: "If, however we can fully leverage advancing technology as a solution - while recognizing and adapting to its implications for employment and the distribution of income - then the outcome is likely to be far more optimistic. Negotiating a path through these entagled forces and crafting a future that offers broad-based security and prosperity may prove to be the greatest challenge of our time."

👉 Introductory resources about Generative AI: and

👉 Timeline on progress of Generative AI by Alex Xu:

👉 Overview of ChatGPT including trying it: