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From Omar's Desk: "The Speed of Trust"

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Trust is not something you have, but something you do.

8 proven ways to build unshakeable trust with your Team, TODAY:

1/ Respect First

↳Listen with empathy to understand others' views. ↳Be kind and show you value others. ↳Avoid gossiping or speaking ill of others.

2/ Transparent Always

↳Share information freely (while respecting confidentiality). ↳Be upfront about motives and agendas. ↳Invite questions and feedback.

3/ Own Mistakes

↳Acknowledge your part without making excuses. ↳Apologize and take corrective action(s). ↳Stand up for what is right, especially when it's difficult.

4/ Reliability Rules

↳Hold yourself accountable for outcomes. ↳Go above and beyond to get the job done. ↳Continuously improve and address problems proactively.

5/ Listen to Understand

↳Give others your undivided attention. ↳Don't interrupt or rush to give your opinion. ↳Ask questions to gain deeper insights.

6/ Do as you Say

↳Make promises carefully and keep them at all costs. ↳Inform others promptly if a commitment can't be kept. ↳Follow through on big and small commitments consistently.

7/ Say as you Do

↳Share your plans and goals with others. ↳Explain the rationale behind your decisions. ↳Communicate intent and any changes or updates.

8/ Extend the bridge of Trust

↳Take a risk and give trust to others. ↳Empower others and believe in their abilities. ↳Inspire trust by modeling it yourself.

These insights are inspired by Stephen M.R. Covey's "The Speed of Trust" and brought to you by Omar's Desk.

PS: Building trust starts with assuming good intent.