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From Omar's Desk: Servant Leadership

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Leadership is not a right, it is a responsibility.

7 proven ways to be an inspirational leader in service of your team, TODAY:

1/ Listen with Intent

↳Give your full attention when others are speaking. ↳Ask questions to understand better, not to argue. ↳Repeat what you heard to make sure you got it right.

2/ Lead with Empathy

↳Put yourself in your team's shoes to understand how they feel. ↳Show you care about their lives, not just their work. ↳Be there for them when they need help or support.

3/ Know Yourself Inside Out

↳Take time to think about your thoughts and feelings. ↳Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. ↳Pay attention to how your words and actions affect others.

4/ Think Big

↳ Encourage your team to come up with new and creative ideas. ↳ Set aside time for brainstorming and exploring possibilities. ↳ Celebrate and try out ideas, knowing that some will fail.

5/ Invest in People's Growth

↳Find out what each person aspires to achieve. ↳Give regular feedback and provide opportunities to help them grow ↳Cheer them on and celebrate their progress and successes.

6/ Nurture Team Spirit

↳Make sure everyone feels welcome and part of the group. ↳Encourage people to help and support each other. ↳Plan fun activities and events to bring everyone together.

7/ Be the Leader You Wish You Had

↳Think about the best leaders you know and what makes them great. ↳Try to be the kind of leader you would want to follow yourself. ↳Keep learning and improving your leadership skills every day.

These tips are inspired by Robert Greenleaf's "Servant Leadership" and brought to you by Omar's Desk.

PS: Prioritize self-care to serve others.