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First-Time Leader Struggles

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My 6 biggest struggles as a first-time leader were:

1. Confidence
2. Delegation
3. Time Management
4. Wanting to be Liked by the Team
5. Support
6. Thinking I needed to have all the answers

Anyone reading this who has the same struggles, here’s my advice:

1. Focus on improving every day, basis your experience, learning from others, and feedback
2. Be aware that your success as a leader is now assessed by how you scale through and grow your team members (vs your individual contribution)
3. Prioritize what is truly important and focus on effectiveness (vs productivity)
4. Earn trust and respect of the team
5. Build a network of mentors to seek guidance and support from
6. Ask the right questions

What else do you struggle with in your leadership journey?

I will advise as best as I can from my experience.


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Effective 1:1