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Career Growth: Mentorship Basics

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Mentorship for Career Growth - the Fundamentals:

❌ Don't underestimate your current network. ✅ Do reach out to your existing contacts, within or outside the organization, for potential mentors

❌ Don't expect your mentor to give you the answers. ✅ Do share your thought process and inputs for your mentor to inspect and refine.

❌ Don't keep your career challenges or worries to yourself. ✅ Do use your mentorship time to have an open conversation around the hurdles and discomforts you are facing and seek guidance.

❌ Don't treat your mentor's guidance as commands. ✅ Do consider their inputs and feedback, yet make your own decision.

❌ Don't limit mentorship to formal settings. ✅ Do consider informal mentorship moments, like a coffee chat with a colleague.

Start leveraging mentorship to win at your professional growth.

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