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Leadership Authenticity:

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Everyone Talks About Why Authenticity Matters in Leadership,

But Few Explain How to Demonstrate it.

7 ways to develop your authenticity, courtesy of my friend Howie Chan:

1/ Practice self-reflection
↳ Reflect on your values, beliefs, and motivations. Set aside time regularly to do so.

2/ Practice honesty
↳ Strive to be open particularly when uncomfortable or inconvenient. This includes admitting mistakes.

3/ Align actions with values
↳ Make tough choices and stand up for your beliefs. Walk the talk.

4/ Share fears and doubts
↳ Confide in your friends and colleagues. In vulnerability there is strength.

5/ Practice mindfulness
↳ Be present in the moment and be fully engaged. Actively listen to others without judgement.

6/ Seek feedback
↳ Ask for feedback and be open to change. Close the loop by acting on it.

7/ Cultivate self-compassion
↳ Be kind to yourself, particularly during setbacks.

Tip 3 is my favorite, which is yours?