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8 Step-Framework

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Feeling like you're not growing in your role? You may be wrong.

Here's my proven 8 step-framework to validate this:

Compare your current work to a prior body of work from 6-9 months ago across these key dimensions:

1/ Leadership:

➜ Are you stepping up to take the lead more often, even without being asked?
➜ Are you more confident and ready to lead?
➜ Do you help and guide others more than before?

2/ Scope:

➜ Are your projects bigger and cover more than they used to?
➜ Do you have broader responsibilities now?
➜ Are you working with a wider range of stakeholders?

3/ Ambiguity:

➜ Are you better at navigating unclear situations and finding solutions?
➜ How have your problem-solving skills and autonomy developed?
➜ Can you handle change and lead others through uncertainty better now?

4/ Complexity:

➜ Are you taking on harder, more complex projects?
➜ How have your critical thinking and strategic planning abilities grown?
➜ Can you break down complex issues more easily?

5/ Execution:

➜ Are you executing tasks and projects more efficiently and with more independence?
➜ Have you found ways to make yourself more effective?
➜ Are you consistently delivering timely and high-quality results?

6/ Impact:

➜ Is your work making a bigger difference to customers and the organization more than it used to?
➜ How has the influence and value you bring to your team grown?
➜ Is your work noticed by more teams, given its positive impact?

7/ Influence:

➜ Are you more adept at influencing and inspiring others?
➜ Have you gotten better at communicating and resolving conflicts?
➜ Can you rally support and buy-in for your ideas more effectively?

8/ Thought Leadership:

➜ Are you coming up with more creative and innovative thoughts?
➜ How has the quality and completeness of your ideas evolved?
➜ Are you becoming recognized as a thought leader?

Movement along any of these dimensions = growth.

PS: Review your findings with your mentor and/or manager for an independent perspective.


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Favikon's Recognition