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5 Strategies to Find Out If Your Mentorship Is Working

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How can you tell if your mentorship is working? 5 strategies to find out.

1️⃣ Establish clear milestones 🎯

Once you've defined your goals and objectives, set clear milestones that signify progress. Break down larger goals into smaller, measurable steps that can be easily tracked and reviewed during your mentorship journey.

2️⃣ Schedule regular check-ins 🗓️

Arrange consistent check-ins with your mentor to discuss progress, challenges, and accomplishments. These meetings will help you stay accountable, receive feedback, and make necessary adjustments to your objectives as needed.

3️⃣ Maintain a progress journal 📓

Document your mentorship journey by keeping a journal of your experiences, insights, and achievements. Regularly update your journal to stay focused, motivated, and better prepared for check-in meetings with your mentor.

4️⃣ Utilize self-assessment tools 🛠️

Leverage self-assessment tools and methods, such as 360-degree feedback or self-evaluation questionnaires, to measure progress in areas like skill development, leadership, or communication. Share your findings with your mentor to receive valuable guidance and insights.

5️⃣ Celebrate achievements and learn from setbacks 🏆

Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments along the way, as it helps build motivation and self-confidence. Also, take setbacks as learning opportunities to grow and improve, incorporating these lessons into your ongoing mentorship journey.

By effectively tracking your progress, you can maximize the value of your mentorship and stay on course towards achieving your goals!


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Effective 1:1

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