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10 Leadership Secrets

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Leadership is earned, not given.

10 leadership secrets from the trenches, courtesy of my friend Nadeem Ahmad (tips included):

1/ Empowerment over Control ↳ True leaders let others shine. They guide, not control.

Tip: Assume good intent and extend the bridge of trust to others.

2/ The Value of Networking ↳ Meeting & knowing people is as key as doing your job.

Tip: Lead with curiosity when connecting with others.

3/ Embrace Change ↳ Good leaders are okay with changes. They learn and grow from them.

Tip: Clarify the purpose and communicate the why of the change.

4/ Work-Life Balance ↳ Taking care of yourself is as critical as working hard.

Tip: Self-care is not selfish, it's essential to serve others.

5/ The Importance of Delegation ↳ Smart leaders share tasks to make the team stronger.

Tip: You can always delegate more than you think.

6/ Continuous Learning ↳ Always be curious. Keep learning new things.

Tip: Reflect quarterly on what you have learned and set a plan for the next period.

7/ Authentic Leadership ↳ Be yourself. That's the best way to lead.

Tip: Being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness.

8/ Risk-Taking is Essential ↳ Taking a smart chance can lead to big things.

Tip: The biggest risk is not taking any risks at all.

9/ Listening is as Important as Leading ↳ Good leaders listen to help understand others better.

Tip: Listen to understand vs. to respond.

10/ Mentorship Matters ↳ Learning from and teaching others is really valuable.

Tip: Mentorship is a two-way street - you will learn much in both settings (and feel fulfilled).

Tip 7 is my favorite, which is yours?


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