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Work Visibility

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"Showcasing my work feels like bragging."

This is a statement I often hear during 1:1 mentorship conversations, both inside and outside the organization.

In digging deeper, this surfaces either as a result of the mentee receiving feedback from their manager to make their work more visible, or the mentee observing their peers doing this and having fear of missing out on career opportunities.

My top tip to help my mentees address this is: re-frame visibility as an integral part of the work itself and your responsibility, with a clear intent of using this for making the work better, not for bragging.

By making our work visible:

-We welcome diverse and expert feedback from others to improve our deliverables and refine our thought

-We allow others to spot opportunities to scale the work (e.g. to other teams) or bring to our attention other ongoing efforts that may help us

-We foster organizational knowledge and awareness, which liberates us from this work once completed

Making your work visible is not bragging, it's an indivisible part of delivering high quality work and supporting your career growth.


Effective 1:1

Effective 1:1

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