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Organizational Standards

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One of the most important functions of a leader is to continuously raise the standard of the organization they are leading. Here are five tips to put this into action:

1️⃣ Metrics, Metrics, Metrics: As the saying goes, whatever can't be measured can't be improved. Build out the key metrics (i.e. KPIs, OKRs) for your organization, set goals against them and a periodic review mechanism. Cascade these through the organization to ensure alignment on delivery and execution. P.S.: I promise a future post on this topic that goes into more details.

2️⃣ Establish Listening Mechanisms: Setup channels through which you invite feedback - both internal and external - on the performance of the functions you lead. These can take the form of 1:1s with stakeholders, voice of customer programs, office hours, surveys, among others. Ensure that there are clear actions and tracking of those to turn these valuable insights into improvements.

3️⃣ Walk the Floor: Outside of the formalized channels reflected in the above two tips, ensure that you have informal (and somewhat unstructed) means to capture additional inputs. These can take the form of customer visits, team site visits, water cooler conversations etc. These enable you to identify blindspots, or perhaps observe symptoms of areas that require attention.

4️⃣ Lead by Example: Model the behavior you want to see in your team members. Actively be involved in these efforts described above and demonstrate that excellence in the work you review (at various levels in the organization) and that you deliver yourself.

5️⃣ Seek Sources of Inspiration: Having an inspirational target helps rally the team to provide best in class experience. These benchmarks can come from within certain parts of your organization, different organizations (outside of your direct purview) or even (at times) from competitors - all with an aim of improving the customer experience.