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Ultimate Mentorship Playbook

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Everyone Talks About the Benefits of Mentorship,

But Few Explain How to Go About It.

Here's your Ultimate Mentorship Playbook:

0/ The Benefits of Having a Mentor:

1/ What Makes an Effective Mentor:

2/ How to Find the Right Mentor:

3/ Connecting with a Potential Mentor:

4/ Mapping Out Your Mentorship Objectives:

5/ Kicking-off Your Mentorship Journey:

6/ What to Discuss with Your Mentor:

7/ Evaluating Your Mentorship Progress:

8/ Concluding a Mentorship Relationship Gracefully:


9/ Good Mentor, Bad Mentor:

10/ Debunking Common Mentorship Myths:

PS: Mentoring others is one of the most fulfilling activities you can undertake (and it helps you grow too!).


Effective 1:1

Effective 1:1

7 Career Growth Myths:

7 Career Growth Myths: