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The Best Mentorship Advice I've Ever Received (Part I)

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The situation unfolded when my function and team had become self-sufficient, and I felt ready to take on more responsibility for continued growth - both for myself and my team. I turned to my mentor for guidance, and they asked me a simple, yet profound question: "Have you talked to your manager?"

This question made me pause and reflect. I was concerned about opening the subject with my manager. Would they react negatively to my request? Would they reassess my performance knowing that I could be doing more? What if there were no additional opportunities available for me? Would they think I was ungrateful for the opportunity I currently had?

My mentor could sense my hesitation and reassured me that I was overthinking the situation. They emphasized that talking to my manager was not only necessary but also the right step to take. Taking my mentor's advice to heart, I decided to have that crucial conversation with my manager.

To my surprise, my manager was very understanding and acknowledged my request - based on what I had delivered to date. They candidly informed me that there were no immediate opportunities available, but they would discuss the matter with their own manager and keep an eye out for potential opportunities. Less than two months later, a manager in another part of the organization transitioned out, and I was given the opportunity to take on that role in addition to my existing responsibilities.

In hindsight, this conversation was a pivotal moment in my career journey. The advice from my mentor still holds true today, and I make sure to share it with anyone I mentor: If you have any concerns or challenges with your career, talk to your manager as soon as possible.