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The Best Mentors are Generous

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Here are 7 ways they express this generosity:

1) Time: They willingly dedicate hours, ensuring their mentees have ample opportunities to learn, ask questions, and grow.

2) Feedback: A generous mentor provides constructive feedback, with a clear intent to foster growth. They're candid, but kind, ensuring that their guidance is both actionable and supportive.

3) Resources: Whether it's a book recommendation, a tool, a course, or an introduction to a valuable contact, they share resources that can accelerate a mentee's growth and open doors.

4) Experience: They share stories of their successes, failures, and lessons learned, providing mentees with real-world examples and saving them from potential pitfalls.

5) Patience: True generosity is showcased when mentors exhibit patience. They understand that growth takes time and are willing to revisit concepts, answer repeated questions, and guide through challenges.

6) Encouragement: They provide unwavering support and belief in their mentee's potential, even when the mentee may doubt themselves.

7) Listening: Great mentors practice active listening. They give their full attention, ensuring mentees feel valued and understood.

PS: One of my earliest mentors went out of his way to locate an out of print reference book, purchased it and mailed it to me. The investment of time and $ to do this without any return is something I cherish till this day (I still have this book).


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Effective 1:1

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