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Starting Your Mentoring Journey

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Wanting to mentor others, but don't know how to begin?

Here's your starter pack:

1. Don't wait

Why: It will help you grow, serve others and get better at this skill.

How: ↳Identify individuals who are at a stage you were in 2-3 years ago. ↳Reach out to potential mentees or mentoring programs. ↳Share your interest in mentoring with your network.

3. Actively listen

Why: Foundational to understanding the situation and guiding the conversation

How: ↳Listen to understand not to respond. ↳Be present, eliminate distraction. ↳Periodically summarize what is being said to ensure understanding.

4. Understand Mentee

Why: The more you know about your mentee, the more tailored and effective your guidance can be.

How: ↳Ask open ended questions to learn more about them (e.g. background, aspiration). ↳Encourage them to share with you relevant artifacts. ↳With their permission, reach out to stakeholders they work with to get first hand inputs.

5. Suspend Judgement

Why: Create a safe, trusting and open environment encourages vulnerability and growth.

How: ↳Don't make assumptions, ask. ↳Avoid labeling things as good or bad. ↳Emphasize learning from past events.

6. Set Expectation

Why: Clear expectations ensure relationship is effective for both sides.

How: ↳Establish ground rules for mentorship. ↳Discuss and agree on the frequency and format of meetings. ↳Regularly review and adjust progress and expectations.

7. Provide guidance

Why: It's important that the mentee takes their own decisions, as they are both accountable for the outcome and know their situation best.

How: ↳Provide inputs vs. telling the mentee what to do. ↳Encourage additional perspectives to be considered.

8. Be Courageous

Why: Mentoring at times involves challenging the mentee (e.g. how they think). Having these crucial conversations is foundational for growth.

How: ↳Focus on being kind rather than just being nice. ↳Provide support. ↳Stretch mentee beyond their comfort zone.


0. Be Excited

Why: Your positivity radiates to the mentee and the relationship

How: ↳Celebrate progress (no matter how small) ↳Use supportive and uplifting language ↳Smile

PS: Mentorship is one of the most rewarding professional experiences - for both sides. Have any more questions, DM me "Mentor".