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Secret to Career Success

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The #1 secret to career success?

(Point #4 is particularly important - yet not talked about enough)

Having a support system along our career journey:

1. Manager

Who? Hopefully you know

Why? ↳Partners with you in developing a career development plan ↳Gives you feedback on performance ↳Provides opportunities for you

2. Mentor

Who? Someone who has gone through a similar journey

Why? ↳Provides clarity on direction ↳Guides you through professional challenges ↳Supports you in refining your decision-making

3. Coach

Who? A trained specialist in developing others

Why? ↳Helps develop your skills and competencies ↳Provides objective perspective to identify areas of growth ↳Supports you in overcoming limiting beliefs

4. Sponsor

Who? A more senior and influential individual within the organization

Why? ↳Advocates for your abilities and potential in front of key decision-makers ↳Opens doors for career growth opportunities ↳Promotes your visibility

5. Peers/Colleagues

Who? Anyone you work with inside or outside the organization

Why? ↳Inspire you through their own achievement ↳Review your work and help you elevate your standards ↳Share relevant knowledge and experiences


0. Your loved ones - there to support you, cheer you on and make the journey worthwhile!