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Powerful Questions to Empower Mentees

1 min
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10 Powerful Questions Leading Mentors Use to Empower Mentees to Find their Own Solutions:

10. What assumptions are you making about this problem, and how might they be holding you back?
9. What's holding you back from taking action, and how can you overcome it?
8. What would your future self advise you to do about this problem?
7. How would you approach this problem if you had no constraints?
6. What resources or support do you need that you don't have yet?
5. What have you tried so far, and why do you think it didn't work?
4. In what ways might this problem be an opportunity in disguise?
3. Can you describe the problem using your own words?
2. What would you do next if you knew you couldn't fail?
1. What would success look like in this situation?