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Powerful Career Lessons

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"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." - Steve Jobs

6 powerful career lessons - courtesy of ex-Banking Executive Ani Filipova:

1/ Managers

You'll learn from both good and bad bosses; it's just that learning from the latter is far less enjoyable.
A boss who micromanages can teach you the importance of trust in a team. A boss who doesn't communicate effectively can highlight the value of clear and open communication.

Reflecting on these interactions sharpens your understanding of what (and what not) to embody as a leader and how to foster a positive team environment.

2/ Promotions

That sting of a missed promotion? It may be a signal to shift gears. Whether diving into a different department, exploring a new field, or launching your venture, use it as a springboard to realign your career with your strengths and passion.

3/ Super Powers

Standing out with unique skills and values isn't just okay; it's a strength. You can leverage your distinctiveness by looking for roles and projects where your unique qualities are welcomed, leveraged, and celebrated. As a result, my career was not limited to any vertical line of business as traditionally happens; my squiggly path, going into many different fields of the banking industry, was instrumental in my ascent to a C-suite role.

4/ Lateral Moves

Opting for lateral moves rather than always looking upward can significantly enrich your career. My journey took me through various roles within Risk and Audit, allowing me to explore banking across several different groups in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. These experiences expanded my perspective and prepared me for leadership at the highest level.

5/ Networking

Engaging with colleagues across the organization through projects, meetings, and events builds your internal network and broadens your operational knowledge. It's like adding rocket fuel to your career and giving you insider knowledge on how everything ticks. Networking was key to discovering job openings, including the COO role.

6/ Passion

Your passion doesn't always align perfectly with your current role. For instance, banking was never my passion; travel was. It influenced many of my career decisions. Even if they seem unrelated, your interests can open doors to opportunities and roles that resonate more deeply with you.

PS: What's something not on your resume that's been a big part of your career journey?