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Old and New View of Mentorship

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My old view of mentorship:

1. Equating the act of seeking help with weakness
2. Assuming that the mentor's role is to solve my problems for me
3. Leaning on mentorship only when facing a crisis or imminent issue

My new view of mentorship:

1. Seeing the act of seeking help as a strength and commitment to growth
2. Recognizing that a mentor guides and advises rather than providing direct solutions
3. Embracing mentorship as a constant resource, not just a crisis hotline

My previous view on mentorship was limiting.

In the past, I viewed seeking mentorship as a weakness, expected mentors to solve my problems, and only reached out in times of crisis.

Now, I see asking for help as an investment in my own growth. I understand that mentors offer guidance, empowering me to find my own solutions. I also use mentorship as an ongoing resource, not just a last resort.

Small shift in perspective, big impact on career growth.

P.S. What is a common misconceptions you've heard about mentorship?