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My Top 3 Reading Hacks

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Want to read more books in 2023, but are not succeeding so far?

Before I share my top 3 reading hacks, two important confessions:

Confession #1 - I hated reading books growing up; I blame it on mandatory school readings over summer break. This all changed in ‘06 when I picked up the book The Goal by Eli Goldratt.

Confession #2 - Call me old-fashioned, but I still exclusively read physical books. Sorry to anyone in our Kindle teams reading this.

Now onto my 3 reading hacks:

1️⃣ Read multiple books at once: While this sounds counterintuitive, reading multiple books at once gives you variety and makes reading, even for a longer time, enjoyable. It also gives you the opportunity to read "heavier" or "lighter" books depending on the time of day and your energy level.

2️⃣ Set a minimum reading daily target: This helps you remain disciplined by having a daily goal to achieve. This can be based on reading time (e.g., 20 mins of reading a day) or number of pages. For me, it's 100 pages daily. Again, this is a minimum target - on days where you are able to read more, exceed it. Set something you can maintain based on your circumstances. Consistency is key to forming the habit.

3️⃣ Have a ready-to-read shelf: Always have a to-read shelf (physical or virtual) of books ready. I typically keep 5-10 books on standby. This ensures that once you are done reading your current book - you don’t miss a beat in picking up the next one. Periodically replenish to keep it stocked.