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Internal Mobility: A Critical Factor in Career Decision-Making

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Considering a career opportunity?

(Read this before you make your decision)

An essential factor to consider: internal mobility.


•Your new role is a stepping stone, not your final destination.

•Ramping up in a new company takes time, to the extent possible you want to reap the benefit of that investment over time.

•Advancing and growing your career requires a diverse set of experiences.

•Enables you to explore other roles or functions that may turn out to be more aligned with your passion(s).

Looking back at my career journey, internal mobility has been a key driver of both growth and satisfaction. It has enabled me to:

• Work across multiple different industries

• Transition between IC and management (more than once)

• Move across 7 different cities/countries

• Explore different technical roles

How can you check?

1. As you interview with the company, ask the interviewers about their journey in the organization. Also ask about how easy and encouraged is it to move between roles?

2. Talk to friends or network contacts that you know in that company about their journey in the organization.

3. Checkout LinkedIn profiles of potential colleagues and their internal journey within the organization.

Your career is a journey; start somewhere with many paths.