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How to Approach a Potential Mentor

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"I Don't Know How to Approach a Potential Mentor".

Here's Your 5 Step-by-Step Guide (BONUS included):

1. Include a Brief Intro Why? Helps build rapport and provides context. How: ↳I am currently a Software Engineer at XYZ and have 5 years of overall technology experience.

2. Be Clear and Upfront About Your Goals Why? Helps your mentor see that you know what you are looking for. How: ↳I am looking to improve my influencing skills with senior leaders... ↳I am looking to transition from a software engineer to a software engineering manager...

3. Explain Why You've Chosen Them Why? Builds connection and relatability. How: ↳I am reaching out to you as you have guided XYZ through a similar journey... ↳I am reaching out to you given your extensive experience leading compliance programs

4. Clarify Your Expectations on Time Commitment Why? Helps them understand what they are signing up for, to decide on whether they can help. How: ↳I am expecting to need 30 mins of your time monthly over the next 6 months.

5. Be Understanding if They Can't Accept Why? Demonstrates appreciation and respect of their time. How: ↳If your current commitments don't allow...I completely respect that. Your consideration of my request is already greatly appreciated.


0. Ask for Alternative Recommendations Why? Since they know what you are looking for and have a network, they may be able to suggest someone else. How: ↳Understood. Any one that you would recommend that could support me?

What am I missing?

PS: Most importantly, keep it concise.

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