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Looking for a new role in a different country? Applying to global roles but not having success?

A topic that often comes up in career guidance conversations is where the mentee is looking to find a role in a different country from the one they are currently working within (and where their experience is). Motives for such a change can vary between professional career development (e.g., international experience, role with growth opportunity) and personal factors (e.g., being closer to family) or both.

Below I share my top 4 tips when it comes to navigating career relocation:

1️⃣ Acknowledge the Difficulty

While this is by no means meant to deter you from pursuing such an opportunity, however, acknowledging that all else being equal, finding a role in a different country than where you are (and have experience in) is generally more challenging. Acknowledging this helps set the right expectations and is the first step towards working on a plan to address this (see next tips).

2️⃣ Internal Movement

If your company provides internal international relocation options, pursue these first. It is relatively easier to relocate with your existing employer than to do so with an external employer. If your existing employer does not have such opportunities, look for an employer who does. You may perhaps need to start with them in your existing country and aim to relocate with them later on.

3️⃣ Start (re) building your Network

While you may have a strong network in your current country, realize that you need to now build a network in your target country. Note your network can still be useful to you to build out from, but realize the individuals that would be of most help to you are in your target country.

4️⃣ Minimize Changes

When applying for an international role, try to minimize changes in other variables (such as role, industry etc.). It is difficult, as it is, to get an opportunity in a different country (see tip #1), let alone trying to do that while simultaneously changing roles and industry.

👉 What other tips do you have for anyone looking for an opportunity outside their country of experience? Comment below 👇

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