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From Omar's Desk: Servant Leadership 101

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1. Put Others First: Focus on the needs, growth, and well-being of those you lead. Prioritize their development and create an environment that nurtures them.

2. Listen Actively: Engage in genuine conversations and value others' input. Allow them to express their thoughts fully without interrupting.

3. Empathize with Others: Understand and share the feelings of those you lead. Show compassion and create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued.

4. Build and Share Vision: Collaborate with your team to create a shared vision. Encourage input and ensure that everyone understands and embraces the goals.

5. Encourage Autonomy: Empower those you lead to take ownership of their work. Encourage them to make decisions and provide guidance as needed, without micromanaging.

6. Demonstrate Humility: Recognize that leadership is not about exerting control but serving others. Admit mistakes, learn from them, and continually strive to improve.

7. Foster a Community Spirit: Work on building a sense of community within your team. Encourage collaboration, trust, and a sense of belonging among team members.

These insights are inspired by the book "The Power of Servant-Leadership" by Robert K. Greenleaf, and brought to you by Omar's Desk.

Implement these servant leadership principles to create a more compassionate and effective leadership style that prioritizes the needs of others.

P.S: Number 7 is an area I'm actively working on. How about you? What aspect(s) of practicing servant leadership are you focused on?