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From Omar's Desk: Making Work Visible

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Think you've tried every productivity trick...but still not getting enough done?

Beat these 5 sneaks stealing your time:

1. Half-done work: When you start a lot of things but don't finish them, it creates a traffic jam in your workflow. Try to limit the number of projects you have going at once. Focus on finishing what you started before moving to the next thing or taking on more. Visualizing your work in progress queue helps here.

2. Unknown dependencies: Sometimes your work depends on other people or things to be completed first in order to make progress. These unknown dependencies can bring your productivity to a stop. Identify upfront what these dependencies are so you can plan for them better.

3. Interruptions: When something unexpected interrupts your work, it can break your focus. You may have a hard time picking back up where you left off. Have strategies, like time blocking or deep work for certain tasks to stay focused.

4. Competing demands: Trying to balance multiple urgent projects at the same time is stressful. It leaves you feeling torn between what to work on first. Learn how to prioritize what tasks are truly priority and/or important over those that can wait - so you're always clear on what to work on next. Remember if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

5. Unfinished work: When you have lots of older half-finished projects, they waste your time. They linger in the background taking up mental space. Decide whether it is worthwhile to revive and complete these older projects. If not, intentionally discard them and communicate the same. Don't let old things pile up.

These insights are inspired by "Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow" by Dominica DeGrandis and brought to you by Omar's Desk. Fixing these five things can really boost your productivity and effectiveness!

PS: Before you say yes to the next request that comes your way, inspect your work in progress queue!