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Do you find it challenging to allocate time for your leadership development amidst a hectic schedule? If your answer is yes, then I've got the perfect resource for you to dive into.

Harnessing the power of collective wisdom, this E-Book: "Leadership in 60 Seconds" serves as your go-to guide. Not only does it compile all the episodes from the highly acclaimed video series, streamlining them for your convenience, but it takes a step further. This invaluable resource also incorporates insights from the vibrant community of viewers, those ambitious individuals just like you, who have generously contributed their unique perspectives and experiences through comments on the episodes.

Furthermore, each chapter includes self-reflection questions and exercises designed to help you anchor your learning and apply the insights to your own leadership journey.

Over 1000 professionals have downloaded the book, and readers are raving about its invaluable insights and practical, real-world examples. They've referred to it as "a must-have for anyone interested in learning or teaching leadership skills" and "a valuable resource for professional growth." One reader has even started creating modules of her sessions on multiple soft-skills topics based on the book.

By downloading this book, you will also join my community of professionals who receive "The Mentorship Memo" bi-weekly newsletter - where I share bite-sized tips and resources to accelerate your leadership development.

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From Our Readers:

"(this book)...It's gonna help me create modules of my sessions on multiple soft-skills topics. The best element is the reflection exercises." - Arooj Waqar

"This ebook has exceeded my expectations! Its holistic approach covers a wide range of topics that modern-day leaders deal with regularly. The practical examples, various insights and actionable advice make it a valuable resource for professional growth. I really enjoyed reading it and I look forward to applying some of the recommended strategies." - Adam Rasem

“Omar's "Leadership in 60 seconds" video series shares invaluable pearls of leadership wisdom. The e-book, which consolidates this knowledge in one place, fortifies it with insights from other experienced colleagues, and presents practical exercises, is truly a must-have for anyone interested in learning or teaching leadership skills. This e-book is a valuable resource that offers a holistic and practical approach to leadership development.” - Khola Khan

"I highly recommend Omar Halabieh’s eBook, Leadership in 60 Seconds. It is easy to consume and the recommendations are simple to action. This eBook will surely set you and those you mentor, lead, and influence up for success. I have already begun to implement some of the recommendations and have seen great success in doing so!" - Suzan Abdurrahman

"It doesn't get any better than Omar's Leadership in 60 Seconds book and his accompanying video series. The book is split into short and easily-digestible chapters on important leadership concepts AND filled with tons of insights on how to apply them from top experts. If you want to learn how to grow as a leader, mentor, and human, this book will help you tenfold in less than 100 pages. I'd highly recommend it." - Jordan Cutler

"This book is ideal for busy people. The quick lessons are perfect for a coffee break or on the commute, yet the thought-provoking exercises will keep you processing the concepts "offline". I (also) love the comments by other professionals on social media. Crowd-sourced wisdom and experience!" - Daniel Steyn

"I spent the last week going through the 12 chapters of Leadership in 60 Seconds eBook by Omar Halabieh. Each chapter emphasizes an important leadership trait through an easy to understand summary of Omar's 60-second video episode on the same topic, and then urges the reader to reflect on and develop their own leadership journey associated with that trait through practical exercises. The eBook is a highly refreshing and a practical guide to developing your leadership potential. I look forward to Omar's second season!" - Shekhar Prasad

"The first time I read Omar, I could tell he is a giver, who truly enjoys to help others shine. In his “LEADERSHIP IN 60 SECONDS” ebook, Omar offers meaningful, actionable advice that every leader should know, and remember from time to time. The 12 very well chosen chapters, capture the key leadership pillars, and we can find in each of them pearls if wisdom, not only from Omar, but also from other people in his community. I highly recommend this ebook, and I find it so valuable that I’ve shared it with my managers, as a must read resource." - Sandra Lopes Guerreiro

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your book, "Leadership in 60 Seconds". It has truly been an impactful read, providing concise yet powerful insights that are incredibly relevant to leaders in today's fast-paced world. One aspect of your book that stood out to me is its ability to simplify complex leadership concepts into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces of wisdom. I found that each nugget of wisdom resonated deeply with my own experiences and challenges. Furthermore, I found the practicality of the advice you provide. Rather than offering abstract theories, you provide actionable guidance that people can immediately apply in their day-to-day work. Lastly, your ability to convey profound ideas with clarity made the reading experience enjoyable and kept me engaged." - Naveen Kumar

"Although i was doing some of the things as you mentioned in the book but many practices I was lacking the understanding and your book really helped me understanding that and practicing it with practical examples. The most joyful part of this book was that I am able to keep these bullet points in my mind while exhibiting leadership skills and now will observe change in my leadership style." - Muhammad Munir

"...My favorite tip is number 2: Conflict management separating the issue from the people. It has been a big challenge for me since my current company as a big retailer is sales-oriented and the commercial & operation team have big influence and decision power. I am applying the tips and I am getting results by having hard conversations without burning bridges." - Franco Viterbo

"If you’ve not yet read Omar’s e-book, it’s a super interesting and valuable resource, packed full of thought-provoking content, self-reflection exercises, practical tips and useful advice. I enjoyed reading the e-book, and would say, wherever you are in your career journey, take time out to read it, whether it provides a new learning point, a useful refresher, or a different perspective, it’s definitely time well-spent and may reawaken or highlight areas of interest or for focus." - Karen Moody