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"Change is Possible: Your Career Transformation Guide"

1 min
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"If you don't feel stuck at various junctures of your career, you are either not pushing hard enough, or you may be super lucky."

I had the privilege of sitting down with Ani Filipova as a guest on her “Change is Possible - Your Career Transformation Guide" podcast. Together we spoke about what it takes to break into the tech industry, how to accelerate your career growth, and how to manage the fast pace of professional life.

What we covered:

• Managing time effectively • Overcoming career stagnation • How to build a successful career • Emerging roles in the tech industry • Key insights for securing a tech job • Essential steps for pivoting into tech • Strategies for assembling a great team • Working in tech with a non-tech degree • Maintaining sanity in a fast-paced world • Becoming a corporate creator on LinkedIn • How to keep up with tech industry changes

👉 Tune in to find out how to unleash your leadership potential and accelerate your career growth.

Link to Episode:

Thank you Ani for having me and best of luck with your podcast.