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Career Promotion Mistakes: Avoid!

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3 common promotion mistakes for career professionals:

(and how to fix them Today)

1. Outcome Over Process

↳Think of your promotion as an outcome. Obsess over and act on the inputs: the skills you need to acquire, the experiences you need to demonstrate, the showcasing of your achievements, and feedback you need to incorporate.

2. Not Communicating Aspirations

↳Clearly and explicitly communicate your career objectives with your manager and skip-level(s). For example, are you are aspiring for a lateral move, a change in job family or progression to the next level? Periodically review these aspirations for progress and changes.

3. Not Taking Ownership

↳Demonstrate your commitment towards career growth by initiating and executing a career growth plan. This plan should define your development goals over the next 1-2 quarters. Leverage mentors and your manager(s) for review and support.